Marriage vs. Shacking

Is it better today to shack instead of getting married?

Is it better to shack instead of getting married? It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to create heirs to pass down generational wealth, then it’s better to be married. However, if you just want to be in a relationship without children or wealth management, then marriage is not for you.

The purpose of marriage has always been to create legitimate heirs to pass down generational wealth. If you are not approaching that goal, then marriage is not for you and it’s going to be a bad situation in most cases.
If you look at the statistics of marriage in America today it’s pretty sad. Most marriages won’t even make it 7 to 10 years without coming to an end.

Why is that? What is it that’s causing all of our marriages to end in divorce very early? The answer to that question is simple, most of us are getting married without a proper understanding of what marriage is and how to maintain it. Most of us going to marriage thinking that is the other person’s job to keep the marriage going when in reality, it takes two keep a marriage thriving. Many people use marriage as a weapon. They use the threat of loneliness to motivate the other person to quickly marry them in an attempt to secure a better future. Especially, women.

Women will many times use ultimatums and deadlines to put the fear of loss into men they want to marry them. So, what do most men do, they go ahead marry them much to most of their ruin. But, when you marry someone for the wrong reasons, it usually doesn’t last long, or it is a miserable experience or both.

So you need to decide, what is your objective? Is your objective to pass down generational wealth or is your objective to have casual sex whenever you want it?

If you want to just have casual sex don’t get married. That is not a good reason for marriage. You do not have to marry someone to have sex with them. If they won’t have sex with you because you won’t marry them, someone else will. The point is marriage is something that you should not be pressured into but have made an educated decision and moving forward on your own good faith and proper understanding.

It’s best to have your children living under the same roof as you if at all possible. This gives your children the best chance to have the most access to you and your thinking process as well as your discipline. It’s difficult to raise qualified heirs to your generational wealth when they are not under the same roof as you.

Marriage or Shacking: It depends

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