The Pre-Marriage Mentor

Getting Married?

Wait….Talk to Me before you say

“I Do!”

Relationship and Marriage Mentoring!

Be Smart!

Learn how to get Married The Right Way!

Get The Right Protections in place!

Marriage is a lifelong contract. At least, that is the way the state views it. Why not learn what is at stake and how to do it right?

It could save you a lot of money and time if learned how to do it right!

Marriage is the one thing that can damage your financial and emotional life if done improperly but no one ever teaches us how to do it the most efficient way…..until now!

I am looking to get married so where do I start?

Are you looking to get married in the next 12 months? If yes, you need to speak to someone who can give you the most information to help you make an intelligent and informed decision regarding proceeding with a marriage at this time. Our program is the most comprehensive program to help you identify strengths in your relationship as well as challenges that need to be addressed before a marriage should occur.

Below is our offering to you to help you through this journey with 3 Easy steps.

  1. First, start with a (FREE) Initial Consultation where I can see which services may benefit you the most.
  2. Second, let’s with our Marriage Analyzer which identifies strengths and challenges in your potential marriage.
  3. Next, we move forward to the Mentoring phase, where we discuss our findings and determine ways that may mitigate the challenges as well as solidify the strengths of your potential marriage.
  4. Lastly, we learn how to enter a marriage with the most Personal and Joint protections to motivate all parties involved to be encouraged to see the marriage fruitfully survive.

1. Marriage Analyzer

The Marriage Analyzer gives you a reasonable assessment of the likelihood of success of your potential marriage.

2. Consultation

Need more help? Book a consultation. Book a one on one consultation or a two on one consultation with your fiance!

3. protection plan

How can you protect your assets and future benefits from an unfortunate break up? Let us show you how!

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